Relatives Report 亲戚报表

Six options for Choose relatives:

  1. Parents and siblings
  2. Spouse and children
  3. Direct line ancestors
  4. Direct line ancestors and their families
  5. Descendants
  6. ALL

5 options for to Sort from:

  1. None
  2. ID
  3. Name
  4. Birth Date default
  5. Death Date


Descendancy Report

This offers only generations and if to show sources:

Pedigree Chart 家谱图表 – Landscape

It has portrait too; in Chart form

Ahnentafel Report

Families lists

Branches 房系

Statistics 统计

Lifespan Chart 寿命图表

A timeline on the root person; can add more individuals to the chart

Interactive Tree 交互式家谱

Hourglass Chart 沙漏图表

This chart resembles a horizontal hourglass: the root person as the thin neck, one left side is children and down and right parents and up