Charts 图表

The sequent of the Chinese version arranged slight different from the English list.
Charts (according to the English version):

  1. Ancestry Chart 祖先图表
  2. Circle Diagram 圆圈图; 1/2, 3/4, 4/4
  3. Compact Chart 紧凑图表
  4. Descendancy Chart 儿女图表: 4 options
  5. Family Book Chart 家庭册
  6. Hourglass Chart 沙漏图表
  7. Interactive Tree 交互式家谱
  8. Lifespan Chart 寿命图表: a timeline
  9. Pedigree Chart 家谱图表: on the welcome screen; in Report form
  10. Pedigree Map 家谱地图
  11. Relationship Chart 关系图表: 2 people
  12. Statistics 统计
  13. Timeline Chart 时间安排图表

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