Problem: pedigree chart not showing

Link this person to an existing family as a child


The kid will show up in two families: the natural one, and also the one who adopted him. The fact of adoption doesn’t change the biological relationship to the birth family. This is as it should be.
Nov 11, 2011

Link and unlink a person/child


IF someone had 4 wives (with names) and 12 children (with names) but there isn’t any indication as which woman gave birth to which kid.

I’m using Add a child to create a one-parent family under Close Relatives tab but don’t know how to link the child with the parent should I find out later on.

You can what you’re proposing. Later, you can unlink the child from that family and then re-link to the correct one. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to do the unlinking – it has to be done by editing the raw GEDCOM records for the individual and the original family. That’s not very hard, but you have to be very careful.

under View Details for … I see the existing son (Li Jingyu) shows as Son, the child (Li Jingchu) entered as bro to existing son listed as Brother. Does those different indications matters? To what extend? Or merely tells me how this person was entered?


Yes, it does matter. If you’re entering a person as a brother to an already existing person, you need to add that new brother as a son to the parents’ family. If necessary, you have to add a parent first, even if it’s with an unknown name. This will create a family, to which you can then add the brother. Afterwards, you can delete that parent with the unknown names. Nov 10, 2011


My PGV app runs slow on my computer, especially while editing.

I don’t know why your PhpGedView edits should be so slow. Do you have a large number of people in the database? If you do, the slowness could be because you probably have the “Synchronize edits into GEDCOM file” option turned on. This is in the GEDCOM configuration file, “Edit Options” section, second option from the top. The Help text for this option needs updating. When this option is on, PGV will have to copy the GEDCOM for every change you make to the database. This will definitely eat up a lot of time.
Nov 11, 2011

MyGedview Portal” menu
“Manage GEDCOMs and edit Privacy” option.
“Edit” in the “Configuration file” line.
You’re looking for the “Edit Options” section, which is 4th from the end.

A reply from the forum, Oct 7, 2011.

There are two possible reasons for slow edits:
(a) You don’t have the system set to automatically accept your edits.

When this option is set to “No” (you find it in your account details when you are logged in as Admin), all of your edits are stored in a file instead of being recorded directly in the database. The edits are copied to the database (and the file is erased) when you accept them. This slows things down because the program has to first fetch the information from the database and then match what it finds against the file of pending changes so that you can see what has not yet been copied to the database.

You would ordinarily set the system to auto-accept changes made by users whom you trust to enter the new information correctly. You, yourself, should be one of these “trusted” users. You would normally not auto-accept changes made by untrusted users because this gives you a chance to avoid making disastrous database changes that would be very hard to undo.

(b) You have the system set to synchronize database edits with the GEDCOM. You find this option in the GEDCOM configuration, Edit section.

When this option is set to “yes”, every change to the database is copied to the GEDCOM, one change at a time. This results in a lot of file activity on the server. If you have a large GEDCOM with many people in it, you would notice a significant slow-down, especially if the server you are using isn’t very fast to begin with. You would not normally need to have this option set to “yes”. You set it to “yes” so that you can be sure that the GEDCOM is always up-to-date and can be safely re-imported into the database.

Another reason for system slowness might simply be that the program isn’t being allowed to use enough memory. This possibility should be investigated. Log in as Admin, call up the menu of Admin options, and click on the “PHP information” option near the top right of the list of option. In the long display of PHP settings, look for the line that gives the memory limits. Tell me what the two values shown there are. (Use the browser’s “search in page” function to look for “memory_limit”)


Login as admin. Under the “MyGedview Portal” menu, click on the “Manage GEDCOMs and edit Privacy” option. Click “Edit” in the “Configuration file” line. You’re looking for the “Edit Options” section, which is 4th from the end.

The 128M and 90M should be more than enough for a database with 1,300 people in it. It should actually be enough to handle up to about 5,000 people.