Reports 报表

3 fonts: dejavusana, arialunicid0 (good for Chinese characters), helvetica


  1. Address Labels
  2. Address List 地址列表
  3. Ahnentafel Report
  4. Birth Date and Place Report 出生日期和地方报表
  5. Births, Deaths, Marriages 出生,去世,婚姻
  6. Cemetery Report 墓地报表
  7. Changes Report 更新报表
  8. Close Relative Report 亲戚报表: details .. good one, 6 options
  9. Death Date and Place Report 去世日期和地方报表
  10. Descendancy Report 儿女报表: n/b/d/m, group by generation and Mom
  11. Expanded Relatives Report 远房亲戚报表
  12. Fact Sources 事实来源
  13. Family Group Report 家庭系报表: no options; details; one gen up and 1 gen down
  14. Individual Report 个人报表: details, parents/spouse/kids but no spouse of kid
  15. Marriage Date and Place Report 婚姻日期和地方报表
  16. Missing relatives facts
  17. Pedigree Chart – Landscape
  18. Pedigree Chart – Portrait
  19. Relatives Report 亲戚报表: 1 line of n/b/d & ID

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