Reports 报表

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  1. Address Labels
  2. Address List 地址列表
  3. Ahnentafel Report
  4. Birth Date and Place Report 出生日期和地方报表
  5. Births, Deaths, Marriages 出生,去世,婚姻
  6. Cemetery Report 墓地报表
  7. Changes Report 更新报表
  8. Close Relative Report 亲戚报表: details .. good one, 6 options
  9. Death Date and Place Report 去世日期和地方报表
  10. Descendancy Report 儿女报表: n/b/d/m, group by generation and Mom
  11. Expanded Relatives Report 远房亲戚报表
  12. Fact Sources 事实来源
  13. Family Group Report 家庭系报表: no options; details; one gen up and 1 gen down
  14. Individual Report 个人报表: details, parents/spouse/kids but no spouse of kid
  15. Marriage Date and Place Report 婚姻日期和地方报表
  16. Missing relatives facts
  17. Pedigree Chart – Landscape
  18. Pedigree Chart – Portrait
  19. Relatives Report 亲戚报表: 1 line of n/b/d & ID

Lists 列表

The Lists:

  • Branches 房系
  • Families 家庭
  • Individuals 个人 – edit page
  • MultiMedia 多媒体
  • Place Hierarchy 地方
  • Repositories 文库
  • Shared Notes 共享笔记
  • Sources 来源

Charts 图表

The sequent of the Chinese version arranged slight different from the English list.
Charts (according to the English version):

  1. Ancestry Chart 祖先图表
  2. Circle Diagram 圆圈图; 1/2, 3/4, 4/4
  3. Compact Chart 紧凑图表
  4. Descendancy Chart 儿女图表: 4 options
  5. Family Book Chart 家庭册
  6. Hourglass Chart 沙漏图表
  7. Interactive Tree 交互式家谱
  8. Lifespan Chart 寿命图表: a timeline
  9. Pedigree Chart 家谱图表: on the welcome screen; in Report form
  10. Pedigree Map 家谱地图
  11. Relationship Chart 关系图表: 2 people
  12. Statistics 统计
  13. Timeline Chart 时间安排图表

EDIT menu

The EDIT menu on the Options for individual is only available when you log in.

the EDIT menu; to delete an individual

the EDIT menu

the EDIT menu

What’s the best way to ‘remove‘ a person from a family?

Usually, unless a duplicate, you don’t want to ‘delete’ the person, but rather simply reassign them to the proper family. The best way to “remove” a person from a family record is to navigate to that family record involved and use the CHANGE FAMILY MEMBERS tool.

You can also use this same tool to add or change spouses.

It’s a duplicate. Is it ok to use it for another person (totally unrelated) to avoid ‘delete’?

Since this person is a duplicate, it’s better to delete. That’s a lot less work than if you were to change the person’s detailed information and then unlink that person from one family and link to another.

You would use the “unlink and link elsewhere” sequence when the person’s information had been entered correctly but was then attached to the wrong family. That way, you would avoid having to enter all of the person’s information a second time.

You need to remember that some information in the database belongs to individuals and other information belongs to families. For instance, birth, death, occupation, and residence as well as name information is part of an individual’s details. Marriage, divorce, and the list of who’s in the family all belong to the family’s details.

other reference