Link and unlink a person/child


IF someone had 4 wives (with names) and 12 children (with names) but there isn’t any indication as which woman gave birth to which kid.

I’m using Add a child to create a one-parent family under Close Relatives tab but don’t know how to link the child with the parent should I find out later on.

You can what you’re proposing. Later, you can unlink the child from that family and then re-link to the correct one. Unfortunately, there doesn’t appear to be an easy way to do the unlinking – it has to be done by editing the raw GEDCOM records for the individual and the original family. That’s not very hard, but you have to be very careful.

under View Details for … I see the existing son (Li Jingyu) shows as Son, the child (Li Jingchu) entered as bro to existing son listed as Brother. Does those different indications matters? To what extend? Or merely tells me how this person was entered?


Yes, it does matter. If you’re entering a person as a brother to an already existing person, you need to add that new brother as a son to the parents’ family. If necessary, you have to add a parent first, even if it’s with an unknown name. This will create a family, to which you can then add the brother. Afterwards, you can delete that parent with the unknown names. Nov 10, 2011

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