Information about: Always use main image?

This option lets you override the usual selection for a thumbnail image.

The GEDCOM has a configuration option that specifies whether PhpGedView should send the large or the small image to the browser whenever the current page requires a thumbnail. The «Always use main image?» option, when set to Yes, temporarily overrides the setting of the GEDCOM configuration option, so that PhpGedView will always send the large image. You cannot force PhpGedView to send the small image when the GEDCOM configuration specifies that large images should always be used.

PhpGedView does not re-size the image being sent; the browser does this according to the page specifications it has also received. This can have undesirable consequences when the image being sent is not truly a thumbnail where PhpGedView is expecting to send a small image. This is not an error: There are occasions where it may be desirable to display a large image in places where one would normally expect to see a thumbnail-sized picture.

You should avoid setting the «Always use main image?» option to Yes. This choice will cause excessive amounts of image-related data to be sent to the browser, only to have the browser discard the excess. Page loads, particularly of charts with many images, can be seriously slowed.

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