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This is PGV define facts and events:

The naming conventions in Gedcom standard have „Events” and „Facts” (sometimes called „Attributes”). They can both apply to individuals and families. The conceptual difference between events and facts is that Events occur at a definite point in time (while the point may extend as far as a day), while Facts are either extended in time, or don’t have a specific time attached to them. The real life and the reality of information gathering blurs somewhat this distinction. An example of a definite Event is birth, which occurs at a specific time and place (even if date or place is unknown, we expect this to be self-evident). A definite Fact could be Number of Children for an individual or family: we usually do not assign a date to such number. However, if you describe the education, you can use the „Education” Fact extended in time, or „Graduation” Event, or both. A person’s medal or distinction can be described as fact of having or as event of receiving this medal or distinction, etc.

The pull down menu:
Address (ADDR)
Adoption (ADOP)
Adult Christening (CHRA)
Ancestral File Number (AFN) [AFN]
Associate [ASSO]: best man, employer, slave, etc.
Baptism [BAPM]
Bar Mitzvah [BARM]
Bas Mitzvah [BASM]
Birth [BIRT]
Blessing [BLES]
Burial [BLRI]
Caste / Social Status [CAST]
Census [CENS]
Christening [CHR]
Confirmation [CONF]
Cremation [CREM]
Death [DEAT]
Description [DSCR]: physical description (e.g. Tall, dark .. height 165 cm) in lieu of pix
Education [EDUC]
Email Address [EMAIL]
Emigration [EMIG]
First Communion [FCOM]
Graduation [GRAD]
Identification Number [IDNO]
Immigration [IMMI]
LDS Baptism [BAPL]
LDS Child Sealing [SLGC]
LDS Confirmation [CONL]
LDS Endowment [ENDL]
Military [_MILI]
Nationality [NATI]
Naturalization [NATU]
Number of Children [NCHI]: sometimes # of kids is known, but not all their names
Number of Marriages [NMR]: # of marriages; may not all known; 0 IF never married
Occupation [OCCU]
Probate [PROB]
Property [PROP]
Religion [RELI]
Residence [RESI]
Retirement [RETI]
Social Security Number [SSN]
Title [TITL]
Will [WILL]
Custom Event [EVEN] defined by me

  1. Travel: Zhou Xuexi in Japan
  2. ?

Life and death
Birth (BIRT)
Death (DEAT)
Burial (BURI)
Cremation (CREM)
Number of Children (NCHI)
Number of Marriages (NMR)
Adoption (ADOP)
Marriage (MARR)
Divorce (DIV)
Engagement (ENGA)
Marriage Bann (MARB)
Marriage License (MARL)
Marriage Settlement (MARS)
Marriage Contract (MARC)
Divorce Filled (DIVF)
Annulment (ANUL)

Lifetime achievements and facts
Residence (RESI)
Address (ADDR)
Fax number (FAX)
Phone number (PHON)
Email address (EMAI)
Web page (WWW)
Education (EDUC)
Graduation (GRAD)
Occupation (OCCU)
Retirement (RETI)
Military (_MILI)
Physical Description (DSCR)

National / government
Nationality (NATI)
Imigration (IMMI)
Emigration (EMIG)
Naturalization (NATU)
Census (CENS)
Social Security Number (SSN)
National ID Number (IDNO)

Earthly posessions and titles
Property (PROP)
Title (TITL)
Will (WILL)
Probate (PROB)

As the Gedcom standard was originally created by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS), it is perhaps not surprising that many of the events describe the christian rites and ordinances. With some creativity, however, one can use them to record events and rites in other religies as well.
Religious afiliation (RELI)
Christening (CHR)
Baptism (BAPM)
Adult Christening (CHRA)
Bar Mitzvah (BARM)
Bas Mitzvah (BASM)
Blessing (BLES)
First Communion (FCOM)
Ordination (ORDN)
Ordinance (ORDI)
Confirmation (CONF)
Caste (CAST)

LDS specfic events
LDS Child Sealing (SLGC)
LDS Spouse Sealing (SLGS)
LDS Babtism ([[BAPL)
LDS Confirmation (CONL)
LDS Endowment (ENDL)

There are two generic tags, unsurprisingly called Fact and Event
Fact (FACT)
Event (EVEN)

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