Importing my old tree 输出/入 旧家谱

I’ve been using Family Tree Maker since 2003 (June 26, 2003, version 11). FTM sells a new version every year to update. As of now, its onto 2012 at $39.99. To start new (a new user), the Family Tree Maker 2012 Complete cost $79.99.

Converting my FTM file into gedcom format:
1. From The File menu, select Copy/Export Family File.
2. Click the Save as type drop-down list and select GEDCOM (*.GED) – the red arrow.
3. click Save. FTM display the Export to GEDCOM dialog box – the red circle.
– Destination: FTM
– GEDCOM: Version 5.5
– Character set: ANSI

Import gedcom into PGV (version 4.2.4 as of Oct 14):
I’m using DreamHost, here is what

Database Type: MySQL
Database Host: (NOT localhost)
Database Username: tryireneengcom
Database Password: gFGhmY8t
Database Name: try_ireneeng_com
Use persistent database connections: Yes (NOT no)

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