Family: delete an individual


3) Don’t get in the habit of deleting INDIs. PGV has excellent tools for CHANGING the structure of families under the OPTIONs menu in the FAM record. If there is a wrong child or parent, simply remove that person(s) from that family and then either reuse the INDI record by changing the data, or leave it for reattachment to another family. When you think about all the data movement that a deletion creates, its asking for trouble, and 4.1.4 had several bugs where the FAM record was not updated if an INDI was deleted. Always, IOHO, better to change, plus it keeps numbering under control. 2008-09-03

the pull down menu:
Annulment [ANUL]
Civil Marriage
Divorce filed
LDS Spouse Sealing
Marriage Banns
Marriage Contract
Marriage License
Marriage Settlement
Number of Children
Registered Partnership
Religious Marriage
Custom Event

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